This is a list of my guidance and strategic documents and training manuals/modules, which are drafted, updated, and finalized.  Most of these documents/modules have helped to strengthen the given capacities at various levels.

Documents with outside links are developed, revised and/or updated by myself as part of my routine work. I want to acknowledge those who have contributed to the development of these documents.

All the documents listed below, that do not have a link, are available upon request. Please use the Contact Page and mention the document that you want.
  1. Guideline for development  of integrated disease surveillance  system
  2. Standard Operating Procedures for establishing an integrated disease  surveillance system
  3. Guide for establishing epidemic intelligence
  4. Business Continuity Planning Guide for Pandemic Influenza
  5. Business Continuity Planning Guide for Ebola-like outbreaks
  6. Early Warning, Alert and Response System (EWARS) Evaluation Tool
  7. Disease Surveillance and Information System Application
  8. Training Manuals
    1. Scientific Writing
    2. Monitoring and Evaluation Training Modules
    3. Field Epidemiology Training Program – Supervisor Training Module
    4. Business Continuity Training Modules
    5. Early Warning, Alert and Response System (EWARS) Training Modules
    6. Outbreak Investigation Training Modules (5 days course)
    7. Case Studies for Outbreak Investigation (these are fictitious but simulating real outbreak)
      1. Case Study – Acute Respiratory Disease Outbreak in a Temporary Shelter following a Koshi Flood
      2. Case Study – Hepatitis B Outbreak in a Nursing Home of Nepal
      3. Case Study – Gastroenteritis Outbreak in Tribhuvan University
      4. Case Study – Gastroenteritis Outbreak in Yogyakarta University
      5. Case Study – Pandemic Influenza Outbreak in a School Setting
    8. Full-Scale Ebola Simulation Exercise
    9. Outbreak Investigation Kit
    10. Guidelines for Multi-country Joint Outbreak Investigation- Click Here
  9. Joint External Evaluation Tool
  10. Joint External Evaluation: Country implementation guide
  11. Joint External Evaluation: Roster of experts process and overview
  12. Joint External Evaluation tool and process overview