Example 1: Simple way to understand Monitoring and Evaluation Concept – Cooking

Daily use – example: cooking

Cooking a family dinner– Decisions to cook  
– Recipe
– Cooking items
Ingredients (food items)
– Chopping vegetables, meat and others  
– Heating pan
– Preparing food items according to recipe
– Cleaning
– Meal is ready for serving– Members of the family eat and enjoy the meal  
– Feeling satisfied (not hungry anymore)
– Good nutritional status
– Reduction of health problems due to unhealthy diet

Source: Nirmal Kandel and Jaya Lamichhane

Example 2: Establishing Early Warning Alert and Response Systems (EWARS) for national surveillance system

Establishing EWARS for disease surveillance– Financial resources  
– Software / hardware / infrastructure
– Staff
– Sites
– Policy / Strategy / Plans
– Development of guidelines  
– Training
– Setting-up software and hardware
– Identification of sites
– Guidelines are available  
– Staff is trained
– EWARS is operational in selected sites
– Alerts are detected, investigated and proper response takes place leading to timely responseImmediate:  
– Prevention/ contention of outbreaks
– Reduction of morbidity and mortality due to epidemics