I am a Medical Doctor and have Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA), a Master’s in Public Health (Epidemiology), and a Masters in Anthropology (Medical Anthropology) and have more than 17+ years of experience in health and development at national and international levels.

Currently, I am a Technical Officer for Joint External Evaluation (JEE) Secretariat in WHO's Health Emergency Program since 2015 in WHO-Headquarters, Geneva. I am a technical lead and focal point for the development of JEE tool, JEE processes, JEE technical guidance, and various training modules. I am a lead trainer for team leads, participated many JEE missions, led a number of JEE missions, and overseeing and supporting JEE missions globally. I am currently leading and disseminating monitoring and evaluation training for IHR implementation globally. 

Prior to this, I worked in the areas of the implementation of IHR (2005), emergency and pandemic preparedness in Nepal and Indonesia since 2008 till 2015. I had served as Team Leader (Medical Officer) of Emergency and Humanitarian Actions (EHA) as well as a Technical Officer for Disease Surveillance and Epidemiology (DSE) in WHO Indonesia; National Professional Officer for Disease Surveillance and Epidemiology (DSE) in WHO Nepal; and Junior Public Health Professional for Evidence Information and Policy (EIP) in WHO- SEARO, India. In addition, I worked for Vaccine Preventable Disease (VPD) surveillance and Immunization with WHO Nepal and a Medical Officer for Department of Surgery at Kathmandu Medical College Teaching Hospital.

Expertise in: Epidemiology, disease surveillance and outbreak response, emergency preparedness and response, national planning, business continuity planning, field epidemiology training program, monitoring and evaluation, scientific writing, immunization, and health information management.

Speak Six Languages: Nepali, English, Bengali, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia


  1. Registered physician of Nepal Medical Council
  2. Permanent member of Nepal Medical Association
  3. Reviewer of Journal of Nepal Medical Association and WHO Bulletin
  4. Advisory Board Member of READ Nepal
  5. Past Member of Nepal Scout