I list guidance and strategic documents and training manuals/modules, which are drafted, updated, and finalized.  Most of these documents/modules have helped to strengthen the given capacities at various levels.

Documents with outside links are developed, revised and/or updated by myself as part of my routine work. I want to acknowledge those who have contributed to the development of these documents.

  1. Guideline for development  of integrated disease surveillance  system – Upon Request
  2. Standard Operating Procedures for establishing an integrated disease  surveillance system – Upon Request
  3. Guide for establishing epidemic intelligence – Upon Request
  4. Business Continuity Planning Guide for Pandemic Influenza – Upon Request
  5. Business Continuity Planning Guide for Ebola-like outbreaks – Upon Request
  6. Early Warning, Alert and Response System (EWARS) Evaluation Tool – Upon Request
  7. Disease Surveillance and Information System Application – Upon Request
  8. Training Manuals
    1. Scientific Writing – Upon Request
    2. Monitoring and Evaluation Training Modules – Upon Request
    3. Field Epidemiology Training Program – Supervisor Training Module – Upon Request
    4. Business Continuity Training Modules – Upon Request
    5. Early Warning, Alert and Response System (EWARS) Training Modules – Upon Request
    6. Outbreak Investigation Training Modules (5 days course) – Upon Request
    7. Case Studies for Outbreak Investigation (these are fictitious but simulating real outbreak)
      1. Case Study – Acute Respiratory Disease Outbreak in a Temporary Shelter following a Koshi Flood – Upon Request
      2. Case Study – Hepatitis B Outbreak in a Nursing Home of Nepal – Upon Request
      3. Case Study – Gastroenteritis Outbreak in Tribhuvan University – Upon Request
      4. Case Study – Gastroenteritis Outbreak in Yogyakarta University – Upon Request
      5. Case Study – Pandemic Influenza Outbreak in a School Setting – Upon Request
    8. Full-Scale Ebola Simulation Exercise – Upon Request
    9. Outbreak Investigation Kit – Upon Request
    10. Guidelines for Multi-country Joint Outbreak Investigation- Click Here
  9. Joint External Evaluation Tool – Click Here
  10. Joint External Evaluation: Country implementation guide – Click Here
  11. Joint External Evaluation: Roster of experts process and overview – Click Here 
  12. Joint External Evaluation tool and process overview – Click Here